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Developing Renewable Power


Room for differences

In Blue Power Partners, we lean hard to our company values. Trust, Entrepreneurship, Positude, Partnership and Balance are our company DNA and key drivers in all we do.

From recruitment and all the way through your career with Blue Power Partners, we have the human being in focus. Our holistic mindset permeates our entire culture where there is room for everyone irrespective of your educational level and cultural background.

Our target is to uphold a team of talented and passionate employees, who are proud of being part of our team. Our workforce counts an eclectic mix of experience and skills such as engineering, legal, medialogy, operations & supply chain management, mathematics, operations & innovation management, finance, IT & data management, etc.


We act with reliability and

  • Do what we say, and say what we do
  • Remain transparent in all we do
  • Show respect and integrity
  • Give constructive feedback


We keep abreast and

  • Stay innovative and creative
  • Practice the impossible possible
  • Invest in our people
  • Take calculated risks


We are positive and

  • Have a “can do” attitude
  • Promote a passionate milieu
  • Recognize and celebrate successes
  • Are flexible and adaptable


We are accountable and

  • Interact as a high-performance team
  • Share and exchange knowledge
  • Challenge and support each other
  • Handle information confidentially


We show commitment and

  • Work together to accomplish team goals
  • Practice simplicity and a lean mindset
  • Apply our common sense
  • Encourage healthy working routines

Our purpose statement

Blue Power Partners is a global consultancy and project development company with a dedicated focus on developing renewable power. We share our extensive range of proven knowhow with clients and partners all over the world in order to:

  • make renewable energy and investments even more competitive and profitable
  • challenge the prevailing view of what is possible
  • foster and strengthen the environmental development to safeguard our planet

In this way, we excel at what we do and are able to secure sustainable growth for our customers, employees, company and industry.

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Tina Vejergang

HR Manager & Management Assistant