Construction Management

Developing Renewable Energy

Organization Structure

The organization comprises of a competent owner’s site team, which is typically one site manager and a number of discipline engineers (one civil, one electrical and one commercial/planning engineer). All are familiar with the contract, 3rd party agreements, health and safety regulations, special site conditions and craftmanship, qualifying them to respond promptly and efficiently to things like deviations, claims and non-conformities.

Furthermore, the organization includes back-office support for ongoing design review, handling of complex and significant claims, or liaising with an independent engineer (if relevant). The back-office engineers will be one civil and one electrical senior engineer with long experience from similar projects.

We offer

You get our expertise and assistance with the following services:

  • ensurance that future health, safety and environmental obligations imposed by laws and regulations on the client will be complied with; thorough listing of them, qualification and training of personnel, non-conformities addressed, records being kept, and data supplied to relevant authorities, delegating to contractors as far as reasonably practicable
  • daily monitoring of progress and the quality of work
  • reviewing documentation deliverables
  • claims handling and contingency budget management
  • attending/managing liaisons with 3rd parties and resolving conflicts
  • maintaining an owner’s schedule, collating schedules of more contractors for the purpose of coordination, forecasting progress for the purpose of mitigating risks and delays as early as possible
  • document management, storage of documents in structured file repository, properly indexed in order to maintain overview of the status of individual documents
  • reviewing test plans, attending tests, inspection, managing commissioning and managing the accomplishment of milestone deliverables and the takeover process

Supervision of construction sites in close cooperation with foremen of the relevant subcontracted suppliers, which includes:

  • supervising workers, subcontractors and work activities as well as preparing and presenting site inductions, safety briefings and toolbox talks
  • assessing and managing safety hazards, ensuring that appropriate site rules and welfare facilities are in place, carrying out regular inspections, and raising safety concerns at the appropriate level
  • helping construction management plan the schedule, helping coordinate deliveries of materials, plant and equipment, and completing records for site reports
  • carrying out regular inspections to ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements, processes and procedures
  • resolving problems and implementing improvements.