Energy Yield Assessment

Developing Renewable Energy

Energy Yield

The assessment of wind resources energy yield and losses serves as the basis for planning, maturing and financing the wind projects.

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You get a calculation of the energy yield assessment of the wind farm based on accepted guidelines, such as MEASNET and IEC 61400-1 ed. 2 and ed. 3, for wind suitability, including:

  • evaluation of the wind conditions in the area of interest for better turbine suitability
  • long-term wind correction based on relevant satellite and meso scale data
  • gross energy yield based on wind conditions and power production characteristics or the wind turbines
  • computation fluid dynamics (CFD) for estimating wake effects at complex sites
  • estimation of wake loss and windfarm blockage loss as well as availability, electrical, environment, curtailment and systematic operational losses
  • estimation of energy yield and uncertainty analysis predicted yield (P50, P75, P90 and other Pxx)

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