Shadow Flicker Analysis

Developing Renewable Power

Shadow Flicker Effect

Understanding the extent of flickering shadows caused by the rotation of a wind turbine’s blades can provide a fact base for a proactive dialogue with landowners during the development of new WTG projects.

During operation, the analysis provides insight into the severity of flickering issues and consequences of different mitigation strategies.

We offer

Estimation of the shadow flicker severity and the associated AEP reduction if mitigating shadow flickering.

The analysis addresses:

  • The number of hours the flickering occurs per year
  • The maximum amount of time the shadow flicker can occur on the worst day in the year
  • The number of days the shadow flicker occurs per year
  • Estimated AEP and revenue losses from flicker mitigation
  • Visual depiction of the flickering intensity on affected areas
  • Recommendations for flickering mitigation based on historical production and price patterns as well as local regulations
  • Assessment of flickering intensity against legal regulation allowance