Handover Assistance

Developing Renewable Energy

Up until and when the plant is ready for handover, we offer assistance in the handover/commissioning process. Prior to the plant being put in operation, an as-built documentation package is compiled, including changes made in the commissioning process to document the actual plant construction.

We offer

  • Reviewing contractual documentation and engineering documents to ensure that the commissioning and startup requirements are accounted for in the design
  • Preparing and keeping the pre-commissioning and commissioning execution plans up-to-date
  • Supervising the preparation of the pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures
  • Supervising the preparation of the performance test procedures and operating manuals with the process team
  • Assisting the management team with the definition of vendor/subcontractor assistance
  • Managing the execution of pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up
  • Preparing the commissioning progress reports for the project management and commissioning department
  • Ensuring the preparation of final reports and certificates

The as-built documentation packages will primarily include the following types of documentation:

  • operation and maintenance manuals
  • quality records
  • as-built documents and drawings
  • design documents