Hybrid Business Case Assessment

Developing Renewable Energy

Energy Storage – Hybrid Business Case

Energy storage has a high potential in the field of renewable energy, as it reduces the variability of the power produced, smoothing out or firming the energy output. This results in a grid system which balances the intermittent power to create an output that is more reliable, flexible and profitable.

We offer

You get a report that evaluates the different energy storage possibilities and their fitness for the site, be it pre- or post-construction, including:

  • evaluation of the historic price and market intermittency
  • assessment of the impact of the energy storage system (ESS) on the local project node
  • technology evaluation including comparison of thermal and battery technologies, their efficiency characteristics, and their charging and discharging cycles
  • optimal sizing of the ESS
  • assessment of the payback period and internal rate of return (IRR)
  • sensitivity analysis of technical and market characteristics
  • estimation of technical and economic feasibility.