Power Performance Test

Developing Renewable Energy

Power Curve Validation

Due to site-specific conditions and turbine performance issues, the power output of a wind turbine generator can be lower than the actual power output presented by the turbine manufacturers.

We offer power curve tests to validate turbine performance with a view to ensure it works as warranted and meets expectations, as well as to identify potential performance deviations, to mitigate the negative impact on the business case.

We offer

You get an accurate and expert analysis of the power curve and its implications:

  • selection of turbines suitable for the test
  • collection, filtering and analysis of measured data
  • validation whether the power curve matches the OEM power curve, based on internationally accepted norms IEC 61400-12-1 and IEC 61400-12-2
  • WTG and park level performance deviation investigation, taking the site-specific conditions into account

The above-mentioned results are presented in a detailed report.