Wind Turbine Generator Performance Monitoring

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Are you confident..

  • That your turbines are performing as expected and according to specifications?
  • That your OEM and O&M partner are proactively working to identify turbine performance issues and address these?
  • That all lost production correctly identified and counting towards contractual obligations?

If you can’t confidently answer yes to these questions, it is very likely you can benefit from our turbine performance monitoring service.

Our performance monitoring services analyse your turbine operational data on daily basis and provide actionable suggestions for improving turbine performance and gives you the insight to front your O&M provider. We combine experienced site managers and service technicians with skilled data scientist and artificial intelligence to ensure performance deviations are identified and acted upon and that lost production is properly counted against contractual obligations.

This includes analysing and checking:

  • Patterns in alarms and downtime events, and suggestions for necessary corrective maintenance.
  • Downtime allocation against contractual obligations, and ensuring alarms are treated according to specifications.
  • Cross checking OEMs re-allocation of downtime to owner’s responsibility.
  • Response times for alarms and maintenance activities.
  • De-rating of turbines to ensure consistency with turbine supply specifications.
  • Development and trends in turbine technical parameters (pressure and temperature measurements).

Our engineers have hands-on experience with dealing with major OEM’s and turbine types and are thus fully aware of what is required to sway OEMs to initiate corrective actions to reduce lost production. This ensures that you receive actionable insights and suggestions, which drives tangible performance improvements.

What is it:

  • Experienced engineers with minimum of 10 years of hands-on WTG experience review your turbine SCADA data daily to identify any actionable deviations.
  • Human review is supplemented with automated algorithmic checks based on advanced heuristics and machine learning.
  • Based on our findings, we provide you with argumentation and evidence for driving dialogue with O&M partners (or we drive such discussions on your behalf.)
  • Online overview of losses and identified deviations.
  • It is not: 24/7 surveillance and alarm handling.

WTG Scada data received daily

Every weekday data is screened for performance deviations and trends identified.

Preparing deviation notice for dialogue with OEM/O&M

Follow up on deviations and tracking corrective actions


per month

  • Access to specialist with experience from your specific OEM.
  • Easily adjust the service level to match your requirements and changing asset base.
  • Flexible terms without long term commitment.

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